Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Black Metal Satellites

In the previous post, I sang the praise of Kevin Martin for creating some epoch-defining compilation double cd's in the Virgin Ambient Series: "Isolationism", "Macro Dub Infection Vol. 1 and 2", and "Jazz Satellites Vol.1".

Martin seems to have given up curatorship, so chances are slim he'll ever create a compilation of "Black Metal Satellites" or "Macro Black Metal Infections". Besides, if Martin has ever been into any sort of Metal it was Grindcore, not Metal's Norwegian variety. Furthermore, Martin's sympathetically staunch multiculturalism makes it unlikely he'll ever develop much affinity with Black Metal, alas an rather ethnocentric music genre.

So a compilation of the almost-Black-Metal and the not-anymore-Black-Metal, curated by Kevin Martin, will never see the light of day. What's there to do but to imagine it ourselves?

Which musicians or bands would be featured on the first cd of the double album?

1.Kevin Drumm
2. Wolfmangler or Dead Raven Choir
3. JazKamer (something from the 'Metal Music Machine' album)
4. Prurient
5. MZ.412
6. Abruptum
7. Aluk Todolo
8. Silvester Anfang
9. Leviathan (something from "A Silhouette In Splinters"?)
10. Spektr
11. Stalaggh
12. Velvet Cacoon
13. Wraiths
14. Furze

And what would the second cd of this compilation contain? I leave it up to you, dear readers: please do use the comments box!


Anonymous said...

KTL & Black Boned Angel certainly for the more avantgarde new 'metal'...

Dominic said...

What do you think of Stalaggh? To me they seemed like a bit of a joke or a put on...

valter said...

The music is OK, though I wouldn't credit their "recorded in a mental institution" thing for a millisecond. I think it is some kind of Velvet Cacoon style prank

Anonymous said...

You should add Wold to that list for sure.

Anonymous said...

Aymrev Erkroz Prevre and Mh Lmth

Anonymous said...

The Bug... Are you sure? I mean really...

valter said...

Kevin Martin's early band 'God' played an incredibly aggressive Free Jazz Noise Rock. I saw 'God' live in 1994: music so brutally loud my ears are still ringing all these years later.

Also, Kevin Martin collaborated a lot with Justin Broadrick (Napalm Death, Godflesh, Jesu etc).

So I don't feel the idea of Kevin Martin curating a compilation of violently aggressive metal-inspired music is totally off the wall.

GRIMM said...

I think K Mart would add:

for sure:
- Paysage d'Hiver
- Trist (Hin-Fort)
- OM
- Black Boned Angel
- Hyatari
- S.L.O.W. (demo)
- Slomo (The Creep)

obviously (did I missed something?):
- Earth & SunnO)))

if he is in need (btw: a box or a MP3-Compilation would make sense just because all the tracks tend to be lengthy):
- Ulver
- Wold
- Bunkur
- Monarch
- Blut Aus Nord
- Woods Of Belial
- Monument Of Urns
- Holy McGrail ("Quake Appeal"!)

And/or (more on the "othe side"):
- Nadja /Baker
- Oren Ambarchi
- Bohren & The Club of Gore
(they're big Metal-Fans - look at the Titles - and it's 100% free of irony, word! they used to play in their earlier days very heavy "Hatecore" under the moniker 7inch Boots)
- Jesu ;o)

... thanks for your article - as always an inspiring read.




GRIMM said...
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