Thursday, September 21, 2006

Demons III

Today I received Xasthur 'Subliminal Genocide' in the mail, together with two t-shirts ... Because I was at work, the postman delivered the package to my strange old neighbour, who handed it to me with a strange smile ... Little dog barking in the background ... I'm listening to the cd for the second time now ... It's too soon to post a review, the scale of the music seems to be too large for my little brain ... Malefic is Kirillov, a prophet of suicide, half real, half fiction, and I'm no Dostoevsky ... Dostoevsky's brain could create, encompass Kirillov and Stavrogin and the rest, but - tired as I am - can mine encompass Xasthur? And if my brain can't encompass him, can Xasthur uncreate me? It is exactly this struggle between an author and the characters he creates one senses in 'Demons' - a struggle like Jacob with the angel - which makes it one of the most haunted, haunting books I've read.

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