Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shock Xpress - John Waters (pt. 2)

From an interview with John Waters by Damon Wise in the first Shock Xpress book:

"And I also went to a bar that was good. You walked in and there was a mentally retarded doorman, a hillbilly, that was, like, chug-a-lugging bags of potato crisps, just ... (makes a gurgling noise). And then you walked in and it was all black people, but they were not young, they were, like, burglars and their girlfriends. I mean scary ones, right? With all rap music playing. But the disc jockey was a 300lb white hillbilly girl and her 500lb mother who had no teeth and looked like the big bad wolf. And they were playing all black rap records. And then they would go over and dance with the scary black older men, these huge fat white women. I thought, what is this? It doesn't mix. And then the door swung open to the bathroom and out came the manager, a raving queen! And I thought, I don't believe this. It was like Last Exit to Baltimore! It was really good."

Hairspray (John Waters, 1988)

Cry-Baby (John Waters, 1990)

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