Saturday, September 06, 2008

Velvet Cacoon - reanimated?

Finally, a sign of life from Velvet Cacoon:

"August 25th, 2008 After close to five years in the making, the master and artwork for our new album "Atropine" is finally being delivered to Full Moon Productions. More info about this expansive doubledisc set can be found in the Music section.

Velvet Cacoon

(Full Moon Productions/FMP051)

Release date: Oct/Nov 2008

disc 1: 1. Candlesmoke (6:24) 2. Funeral Noir (mp3) (9:35) 3. Graveside Sonnet (12:38) 4. Dreaming in the Hemlock Patch (36:44)

disc 2: 1. Nightvines (3:03) 2. Nocturnal Carriage (13:06) 3. Earth and Dark Petals (13:02) 4. Autumn Burial Victoria (27:55)

Recorded between December 2003 and August 2008
All songs by Velvet Cacoon

Atropine extracts of henbane were used by Cleopatra to dilate her pupils to appear more alluring. In the Renaissance, women used the juice of belladonna berries to enlargen the pupils of their eyes for cosmetic reasons (in Italian, "bella donna" translates to "beautiful lady"). Later on, belladonna was used by witches before flight. The juice of the berries was applied to their vaginas resulting in massive and sometimes lethal dosages of atropine. In this state of unbelievable hallucinatory incoherence, they believed they were actually flying on their brooms and as they spoke aloud their spells the results unfolded right before their eyes.
This album was carefully created over a four year period under the closely supervised influence of mandrake, hemlock, datura stramonium, henbane, belladonna and jesaconitine isolate. Most of the drone library was originally recorded to DAT and buried in the ground for two years before reviving them for use. Out soon on Full Moon Productions"

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this finally came out a year after this post date