Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chen Chieh-Jen

Here is a link to a fascinating article, published on the Artintelligence blog. The article focuses on the work of the artist Chen Chieh-Jen (Taoyuan, 1960), one of Taiwan's most prominent artists. It explores work in which the artist digitally manipulates photographs of the atrocities of colonialism and warfare so that these photographs mimic ancient Buddhist and Taoist drawings of purgatory and hell. The article examines Chen Chieh-Jen's work from a Bataillan perspective.

Chen Chieh-Jen also creates Video Art. In the YouTube video below, you'll find an excerpt of a documentary on this aspect of his work. In it, you'll see fragments from two films, one on the effects of globalization on the marginalized in society, and one on Lingchi or Leng T'che Executions, of which notorious images were reproduced in George Bataille’s The Tears of Eros. Here is a link to an interesting article on Chen Chieh-Jen's Video Art.


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