Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shock Xpress - David L. Hewitt (pt. 2)

DLH: Next was Hell's Chosen Few. A guy named Titus Moody owned a documentary called Outlaw Motorcyclists and someone else had a documentary with the Miss America of that year in it. I said, "If you give me your Outlaw Motorcyclists footage, I'll give you 25% of the movie. If you give me your teenage bride religious film, I'll give you 25% of the movie." I wrote sequences that tied this stuff together and shot it. The father in Hell's Chosen Few (Joe Folino Jr) was a plumber in the original story! I got him back for one day and made him the sheriff. I think the footage behind the main titles is the only motorcycle footage behind it. We shot in in 16mm, blew it up and it looked terrible."

Hell's Chosen Few (David L. Hewitt, 1968)

The Mighty Gorga
(David L.Hewitt, 1969)

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