Sunday, October 01, 2006

Meditate on bass weight

Listening to Sunn 0)))'s 'Black One', reading this interview with Kode9: "The sub bass is immense, simultaneously tactile and audible, while the fleeting melodies are often kind of sublime".

If Kode9 + The Spaceape present 'Memories of the Future', do Sunn 0))) present - with their modernistic stylizations of things primitive and medieval - premonitions of the past? Even if these retro-futurist/future-retroist memories/premonitions have different directions on the retro-futurist axis, would it be possible that they are somehow part of the same (mythological) system? Are they not both myths "... which in a sense provide an operating formula by which we can deal with our passage through consciousness - our movements through time and space" (JG Ballard in an 1983 interview by Graeme Revell in Re/Search no. 8/9).

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