Thursday, October 26, 2006

Klarkash-Ton Tibet

I found the fascinating website 'Tibet - Underground Expeditions' through the Wooster Collective: no text, no explanation, only a small number of photos of strange, primitive-looking statuettes with cthulhuoid gasmask-like faces placed in abandoned underground places (cellars? sewers? subways? underground military complexes?) by a mysterious hooded figure. The primitive, almost prehistorical look of the statuettes seems to contagious, seems to transform their underground surroundings into latterday Caves of Lascaux, or "...that cavernous, aeon-dead honeycomb of primal masonry - that monstrous lair of elder secrets which now echoed for the first tim, after uncounted epochs, to the tread of human feet" from HP Lovecrafts 'At The Mountains Of Madness".

The statuettes themselves remind me of the sculptures made by one of HP Lovecraft's close friends, weird fiction author Clark Ashton Smith. The black and white pictures in this post are Smith's. I culled them from the gallery of the highly recommended 'Eldritch Dark' website.

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