Tuesday, December 30, 2008

iTunes list 2008

These are the albums which my iTunes indicates have been added in 2008 and have been played most often, in descending order:

1) Hototogisu - Some Blood Will Stick
2) Aluk Todolo - Descension
3) Various Artists - Basic Replay
4) Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
5) Hototogisu - Green
6) Ofermod - Mysterion Tes Anomias
7) Skullflower - Desire For A Holy War
8) Ghäst / Yoga - Split
9) The Bug - London Zoo
10) Krieg - The Black House

The chosen criterion means that albums which have been released before 2008 also appear on the list. I've reviewed all of these albums on this blog, except the Krieg album and the Basic Replay album.

Obviously, albums added late this year are somewhat at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, it should be taken into account that I use the iPod mainly for commuting - Ambient is unlikely to be played frequently as the noise of the trains would spoil it. This means that excellent albums such as Kevin Drumm's Imperial Distortion, Expo '70's Black Ohms, Fennesz' The Black Sea and Aethenor's Betimes Black Cloudmasses do not appear in the list.

Furthermore, genres such as Dubstep and Dancehall are underrepresented: the missus doesn't like Black Metal and Noise, so I tend to play the former genres relatively more often over the stereo and less on the iPod. This means that albums such as Benga's Diary of an Afro Warrior, Skull Disco's Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals, as well as the compilations Dancehall. The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture, An England Story. The Culture of the MC in the UK 1984-2008, Wackies Sampler V0lumes 1, 2 and 3, and King Jammy's Selector's Choice Volume 1 are absent.

Anticipated albums for 2009 are Velvet Cacoon's Atropine, Aethenor's Faking Gold & Murder (featuring David Tibet), Khanate's Clean Hands Go Foul, Sunn 0)))'s Dimensions, Lurker of Chalice's Perverse Calculus (does anybody know something about its status?), Deathspell Omega's Chaining the Katechon, as well as Xasthur's new album. A compilation announced by Tumult has piqued my interest also: Unblack and Blessed.

Now that I'm at it, these are the albums which I've played most often since I bought my iBook in 2005 (in alphabetical order):

1) Abruptum – Evil Genius
2) Can – Future Days
3) Haemoth – Kontamination
4) Hototogisu – Spooked Summer
5) Leviathan – Tentacles of Whorror
6) Mirag – Black Temple Carved In Smoke
7) Skullflower – IIIrd Gatekeeper
8) Skullflower – Orange Canyon Mind
9) Velvet Cacoon – Genevieve
10) Xasthur/Leviathan - Split

As you can see, I'm a sucker for Matthew Bower's work.

Post scriptum

To the list of anticipated albums I should add Svarte Greiner's second full-length album, “Kappe”.


fishskull said...

How different would Year End lists look if the writers involved had to list the music they actually listened to?
I get the feeling most lists are made to impress other writers, bloggers, publicity agencies, etc. in an outwardly spiraling daisy chain.

valter said...

I agree! Simon Reynold's by coincidence published a post (here) with exactly the same idea!

Anonymous said...

regarding "Perverse Calculus": I always thought that "Massive Conspiracy..." was kind of a follow up to LOC's s/t.
"Additionally, there has been much controversy over the release of this album, which was originally slated for a summer release in 2007. Supposedly Wrest tried to release the album under the Lurker of Chalice moniker via Blake Judd's Battle Kommand Records."

Anonymous said...

additionally check the lyrics of the first song on "Massive Conspiracy...":

Vesture Dipped in the Blood of Morning

Heart replaced with stone and a necklace of scars

I plunge this equation into mine veins
Mine voice so far from mine voice
Mine hand so far from mine own hand
Voices from the angel on mine left thumb
Whisper terrible words and perversities

From a long flagellated vessel

Oh more, much much more is found of us
From the pandemonium
Begins the nativity of sin and death
Becoming most vain serpent
Everlasting perverse calculus

Heart replaced with stone
And a necklace of scars

From a long flagellated vessel

Now mine voice, mine hand, and mine heart
Herald the glorious becoming
The most vile of secrets
All of this troth
Given to mortification
Face down and obedient
Truths illuminated, no longer obscured
Full in emptiness complete
In wonder of malignant spirit
Impious yet desiderative
Plunge this equation into thy vein
Regurgitating on the crown of Sabbath

valter said...

Thanks anonymous reader! I guess I should have read the lyrics more attentively!