Saturday, March 29, 2008

Malefic Automobiles (pt. 3)

From Voodoo folklore: "According to popular belief [malefic sorcerers] do their nocturnal raids in motor-cars. A few years ago there was much talk in Port-au-Prince of a 'tiger car' (auto-tigre) which took people away at night to 'eat' them."

This tale anticipates the emergence of a horror film subgenre in the late 1970s in which malefic, possessed automobiles terrorize American communities. This was to be the third and final in a short series of posts showcasing trailers for these films; but as a special epilogue, Killdozer receive due attention. Thanks Bruce!

Mike Marvin - The Wraith (1986)

Alex Orr - Blood Car (2007)


Bruce said...

Thank you Valter.

Sigivald said...

So, what, the guy from Xasthur's car?

(It'd be hilarious if he drove a VW Type 1 with flower decals.

But I like my black metal with a side of absurdism.)

valter said...

Given the sound of Xasthur, it would be a very, very rusty Beetle, ready to fall apart. And the flower decals are of course, les fleurs du mal.

And I agree with you on the absurd. If 'Absurd' had had a sense of the absurd, they wouldn't have been racist killers.