Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malefic Automobiles (pt. 2)

From Voodoo folklore: "According to popular belief [malefic sorcerers] do their nocturnal raids in motor-cars. A few years ago there was much talk in Port-au-Prince of a 'tiger car' (auto-tigre) which took people away at night to 'eat' them."

This tale anticipates the emergence of a horror film subgenre in the late 1970s in which malefic, possessed automobiles terrorize American communities. This post is the second is a short series of posts showcasing trailers for these films.

George Bowers - The Hearse (1980)

John Carpenter - Christine (1983)

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Bruce said...

There is also the 1976 made for television film "Killdozer", that inspired the band of the same name. Who in turn were covered by Teeth of the Lion Rule the DIvine (containing members of Cathedral and SUNN (((O ). To sort of bring it all back to music...