Saturday, January 05, 2008

Striborg - Journey Of A Misanthrope

Here is a Youtube video with outtakes from the Striborg DVD "Journey Of A Misanthrope", released on Displeased Records: "STRIBORG has just finished the making of the one and only REAL BLACK METAL DVD. No flashy stage shows, no funny behind the scenes, no interviews. Only what Black Metal is all about; harsh raw music, eerie atmosphere and dark moody images. Sin Nanna made this video in the dark desolate forests of Tasmania".


Der Wilderer said...

Great video. Reading your blog, btw, gives me always good intellectual excuses for being into such a sick musical genre ; )

-cja said...

i just ordered this DVD from Relapse for $19ppd... much better than A-B for $30+ w/ sketchy shipping. kinda psyched to get this in and give it a good viewing.

Anonymous said...

new Striborg's album