Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mixed Up In The Hague - a YouTube Gallery

In the nineteen nineties, the squatter scene in the Dutch city of The Hague had a very active musical life, centering on electronic dance music. Focused at first on relentless, industrialized techno (Unit Moebius, Ra-x, Rude 66), in the middle of the decade electrofunk and italodisco came to the forefront. A central figure in the electro-scene was Ferenc E. van der Sluijs, better known als I-F (which stands for Inter-Ferenc).

I-F did not only put out two utterly brilliant albums of electro ("Fucking Consumer" in 1997 and "The Man From Pack" in 1999, both albums strongly influenced by John Carpenter's electronic horror film soundtracks) but also created one of the best DJ-mix-albums ever: "Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1". The mix consists mainly of electro and italodisco from 1980 to 1985, as well as a few contemporary nostalgic electro tunes. It was recently rereleased in a very limited edition, and is available from Boomkat, amongst others.

Below you find YouTube videos for some of the tracks featured on the "Mixed Up In The Hague Vol 1. - all great fun!

Georgio Moroder - The Chase

Jonzun Crew - Space Is The Place

Charlie - Spacer Woman (a link only because the embedding function is disabled; it is one of the best though!)

Q - Voice of Q

Vangelis - Blade Runner (end credits)

Kraftwerk - Tour De France

Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (again only a link).

Sun La Shan - Catch

A Number of Names - Sharevari

  • Did I aggravate any disco-hating metalheads?
  • Here is a link to I-F's internet radio station.

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