Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Morning After

Reading back yesterday's "Lack of posts"...

1. OK, Metal and me was more than a flirtation, it was an obsession, a pretty bad obsession, comparable only to the one I experienced when discovering Coil's second wave of releases (i.e. the Equinox series and after).

2. Only after confessing to feeling somewhat intimidated by K-Punk and Blissblogs excellent ruminations on Metal, I checked the Technorati thingamajick and discovered that they actually link to my blog! I felt elated, having been an avid Reynolds reader for a long time. And K-Punk actually described my inelegantly written, stumbling, fumbling, wavering line of thought on Xasthur and Hauntology as 'fascinating'!

3. Intersections: Don Cherry, another Pandit Pran Nath disciple, performs Malkauns with jazz instrumentation on his 'Brown Rice' album, of which the title song was used in Kevin (The Bug; Techno Animal; God; Ice) Martin's epochal collector "Jazz Satellites"

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