Friday, May 29, 2009

Euronymous's Epistles (pt 7)

This may well be the final post in the series "Euronymous's Epistles". Thanks to the generosity of Chagrynn, I've been able to write a series of posts that taken together formed a fragment of the story of Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth's life, as well a fragment as the larger histories of Mayhem and Black Metal, can be read through these letters. I hope that these post have fed your obsession with all things black and blackened; you can read the entire series by clicking on the 'epistles' tag below.

I should very much like to write more about Euronymous's letter-writing, and I am sure that many more letters are lying about in the closets and cupboards of the readers of this blog - even if some, such as fellow blogger Ophis 666, lost the letters in the years since Aarseth's death...

For this reason, I once more call upon the readership of this blog to send scanned versions of any of Aarseth's letters to surrealdocuments [at]

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Anonymous said...

I got one (one) letter from him, back in 87. He sent a "Deathcrush" cassette, to be included on a compilation cassette (the other bands on the cassette were postpunk bands, they were the only metal group there), he'd taped some Conrad Schitzler for me on side B, he sent a bunch of photos ... no violent imagery yet, simply a bunch of guys in dungarees and long hair playing guitars and drums. I don't have either the photos or letter anymore, but I do have the cassette!