Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roger Andersson- Letters From Mayhem

Found references to a 2004 art book titled 'Letters From Mayhem' by Swedish artist Roger Andersson, while researching the previous post. The book, published by Cabinet, consists of illustrations incorporating each letter of the alphabet within an imaginary landscape of Scandinavian flora, discarded packaging and anonymous 'youths' - somewhere between wasteland and wonderland. Thr illustrations are accompanied by a fragmentary text by poet Albert Mobilio.

The 'Mayhem' in the book's title is indeed a reference to the Black Metal band which has featured so much on this blog.

Here is a link to a translated page of the Magnus Karlsson Gallery, where Andersson exhibited his work.

Here is a link to a rather critical review in the Irish art magazine Circa.

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kasterningene said...

Thanks for the recommendation - the book wasn't as thought-provoking as it appeared to be but the artwork was well-executed.

Unfortunately I keep forgetting to remove the book from easy reach when there are young children about, who immediately reach for the familiar thick pages. Now or later, I suppose...