Friday, February 13, 2009

Shock Xpress - Mariangela Giordano (pt. 2)

In an article in the second Shock Xpress book, film critics Alan Jones and Mark Ashworth interview sultry Italian film star Mariangela Giordano. Here are some more trailers of the films discussed in the interview.

Una Lunga Fila Di Croci (Sergio Garrone, 1969)

Il Conto è Chiuso (Stelvio Massi, 1976)


Timja said...

This blog seems exciting, I will check it out some more when I'm not dead tired... so, the Dwarf state, could it be Lichtenstein...

valter said...

Thanks Timja. I took a look at your blog, I like your work!

The 'Dwarf' in Dwarf State is more of a metaphorical thing.