Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shock Xpress - Peter Carpenter

From "Vegas Lounge Horror", an article on the films of Peter Carpenter by Greg Goodsell in the first Shock Xpress book:

"Blood Mania and Point of Terror are two extremely odd genre entries. Both are bids by screenwriter and star Peter Carpenter to showcase his acting and singing talents to the public and potential producers for further film roles. (...) While the tantalising ad mats for these pictures promise all sorts of chills and frissons, their audiences more than likely walked away with a confused "what the hell was that about?" Both are borderline entries, edging just slightly into the horror genre. Doubtless seeking a return on his investment, Carpenter made fright films in a bid to get to 'that type of audience'. Suspense and scenes of fright take a back-seat to shots of Carpenter singing, showing off his muscular bod and seducing women."

Blood Mania (Robert Vincent O'Neill, 1970)

Point of Terror (Alex Nicol, 1971)

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