Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Currence comments

I'd like to draw your attention to a comment Currence posted Wednesday 31st to this post:

"It doesn't quite satisfy your wish for a Burzumic Burial, but on his second album Burial samples the bit of dialogue used by Wrest in his Lurker of Chalice track "This Blood Falls as Mortal Part III". You can hear a preview mix of Burial's new album on the BBC page for Mary Anne Hobbs' show (if you haven't already). Dub and black metal move a bit closer...".

Listening to Kode9's preview mix I couldn't spot the Lurker Of Chalice sample at the first listen, but on the other hand the music is such an incredibly rich and thick brew it's almost impossible to take it all in at once... It sounds like months of satisfying listening.

And I am quite satisfied: "Weird soul music, hypersoul, lovingly processing spectral female voices into vaporised R&B and smudged 2step garage" (sourced here) meets "arpeggiated post rock guitars, martial percussion, simple propulsive krautrock rhythms, swirling droning ambience, strange haunting vocals, obscure found sounds and samples, doomy slow motion dirges, reverb drenched, almost sun dappled melodies over creepy warbly soundscapes, warm thick keyboards, heavily strummed steel string guitars, rich throaty crooning, super overblown distorted guitars, all smeared into a warm fuzzed out, dreamy and melancholy, mostly midtempo blackened doomscape" (sourced here). Insane! Who could want more?


Dominic said...

The Lurker of Chalice record is my favourite thing of Wrest's. I tend to find Leviathan records unbearably grating after a couple of tracks - they're technically superb, of course, but simply too painful to listen to at length.

Where is the sampled dialogue from? It's certainly used to great effect on LoC.

valter said...

I found the answer on Currence's blog (here): it's from a film on Sylvia Plath called Sylvia.