Friday, December 29, 2006

Velvet Cacoon - resurrection?

Velvet Cacoon's website is up and running again, following a long hiatus after the 'plagiarism scandal' (see my earlier posts on this phenomenon here, here and here). Especially intesting is the cryptic poetry (or is it some kind of mission statement?) published on the website under the heading 'Etc.':

"Plush evening in Katharine, we'll bring you something gentler this winter.

Velvet veined and vesselvined
Vanilla varnish on the violin
Strung up over f-holes
Very very v, very

Legs part like v
We curve like violins
Resonant through our f-holes
The virginal tone

Klonopin daiquiri heather honey, fur coast escargot crush

PS: We only treat the world like a puppet because we know how to.

PPS: The puppet enjoys feeling alive.


The text conflates musicality and eroticism, violins and human bodies by bringing these together in the orifices (f-holes, some kind of four-letter-word) of the violin's body and in human bodies that curve together as one (an ecstatic 'we') like these musical instruments. With the erotic nature of this text the earlier tricksters' tales of asexuality seem to have been abandoned - only the words "The virginal tone' refer to the earlier asexual position.

Klonopin is a drug that can induce euphoria - the new drug of choice for VC after dextromethorphan? With daiquiris (laced with Klonopin and heather honey) replacing grenache wine? With "Fur coast escargot crush" as a rather unusual tapa?

I hope they'll bring out new material soon. The "... we'll bring you something gentler this winter" seems like some kind of promise!

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