Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pyrokinetic Workshop - the videos

Some YouTube videos by artists who are included in the playlist I published earlier today:

Soul Center (Thomas Brinkmann aka Ester Brinkmann):

The music in the previous video is very different from Brinkman's work as Ester Brinkmann (an alias morbidly named after his dead sister!). Where Soul Center takes inspiration from soul and funk, Ester Brinkman's "Weiße Nächte" cd presents industrialized experimental techno with grim mutterings by the deeply pessimistic philosopher Emil Cioran (who outdoes many a Black Metal band in misanthopy).


Spektr's macabre video is included with their brilliant "Near Death Experience" cd.


A brilliant mashup of Disney's 1942 animated cartoon "Der Fuehrer's Face" and Non's "Total War". Some more wartime cartoon stuff here and here.


Ah, the joys of watching "120 minutes" on MTV when I was a teenager! This YouTube video is at least as faded as my memories of those days...

Maurizio Bianchi (aka Sacher-Pels):

This track has much more of a genteel ambient sound than that of Velours, which is included in the 'Mutation For A Continuity' box.


Martin said...

As you include Cioran in your links ... have you ever heard of Asmus Tietchens? He created some of the most outstanding non-academic musique concrete I have ever heard and has included a Cioran quote on all of his releases. And, unlike most Black Metal, Tietchens can be deliberately humorous.

valter said...

I've got a cd by Kontakt der Jünglinge, the collaborative project of Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens - live at the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, april 18th 2002.

Martin said...

OK record, but--in my opinion--not really representative. If you're interested I could suggest some starting points. Maybe I'll post a Tietchens Primer on my blog.

BTW: thanks for returning to my comment on the Black Metal ideology|aesthetics subject in the last post. Never read Gertz, but it sure looks interesting.

valter said...

Good idea, the Tietchens primer!

Geertz's "The interpretation of cultures" is perhaps the best starting point, if you're interested in his work.