Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cardiacs Tarred And Feathered

About fifteen years ago, I was a massive fan of the Cardiacs. Changes in my personal situation led to a change in musical taste; I fell out with the friend who had introduced me to their music; I couldn’t play their lp’s anymore because I had no record player; the recording quality of the cd’s was abysmal, and did not do justice to their glorious Technicolor sound; and slowly I forgot about these psychedelic proggy punksters. Then I saw this delirious video for ‘Tarred And Feathered’, a song from their 1989 album ‘Songs For Ships And Irons’, and I was reminded of just how great they are. The video shows them in all their acephalic, playful, desperate, poetic, transgressive, humorous, childishly erotic, tearfully happy, mad, lonely and very British wonderfulness, worthy of Queneau’s “Zazie Dans Le Métro” (which is however decidedly un-British).

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